Knowleswood Primary
School and Nursery

Part of the Cavendish and Knowleswood Federation

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Welcome to our new school website, we will be adding content regularly!


Executive Headteacher

Noreen Dunn


Head of School

Clare Cosgrove


Deputy Headteacher 

Leanne Towers


Assistant Headteachers

Robert Sutcliffe

Gareth Lloyd

Charlotte Rolfe


Teaching Staff

Year 6 – Mrs Martin

Year 6 – Mr Cairns

Year 5 – Mrs Otterwell

Year 5 – Mr Walton

Year 4 – Miss Potts

Year 4 – Miss Noble

Year 3 – Mrs Lee & Mr Sutcliffe

Year 3 – Miss Mullins

Year 2 – Mrs Pearmain/Mrs Rolfe

Year 2 – Mrs Fidler

Year 1 – Mrs Barrett

Year 1 – Miss Dunn

Reception – Miss Watkin

Reception – Miss Barker

Nursery – Mrs Fieldhouse & Mrs Taylor



Federation Business Manager

Andrew Cheeseman


Site Manager

Andrew Wing


Systems and Processes Manager

Glenys Marshall


Office Staff

Stacey Slaughter – Business Administration Assistant

Iwona Ulaciuk – Administrative Assistant

Hayley Smith – Receptionist


Support Staff

Julie Robinson – Community and Safeguarding Manager

Lisa Donoghue – Attendance and Safeguarding Officer

Gemma Hall –      Home School Support


Upcoming Events

9th October 2020
  • Happy Yellow Day. Non Uniform day - £1.00 donation

    9th October 2020

    This is a great opportunity for the children to think about the importance of a healthy mind and links in well with all of our work around health and well-being.   On this day the children are invited to wear yellow or have yellow hair the crazier the better!