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Year 1(2)


In Year 1, your child will be finding out all about Toy Story, toys from the past, visit a museum and create their own toy museum! They will then be travelling to Infinity and Beyond! Learning all about space travel and traveling to the moon! In our dreams! What makes a good story? Your child will experience going to the pantomime and creating their own play! What lives under the sea? Your child will visit the Deep and find out about the strange and wonderful creature in our oceans! Where does our food come from?  They will visit a local farm and grow their own crops to sell in Knowleswood CafĂ© to bring the Farm to fork!

year 2


In Year 2 children will learn about ... FIRE!! What are the dangers? When has fire destroyed major towns and    buildings? Year 2 will be learning about the Great Fire of London and meeting Sir William Petty!.

The Magic of Disney. Why is Disney so magical? Your child will experience the magic of Disney, finding out the different locations of films, characters, storylines, artwork and incredible music, that make Disney so magical!

Who are the Pirates of the Caribbean? Year 2 will experience the different culture of the Caribbean, the food, music and climate, as well as challenge themselves against terrifying pirates! Pupils will be going on the Holmewood Carnival!

What wild adventures are out there? Can you find out about different    animals in different habitats? Your child will go on a wildlife adventure and understand all about different wildlife!

year 3


In Year 3, your child will be a time traveller as they travel back in time to the stone/iron/bronze age! What skills would they need to survive?Survival of the Fittest. Does your child have the skill, to survive in extreme climates? What do animals need in these different habitats and how do they adapt? Heroes! Who thinks they have got what it takes to be a hero? Year 3 will be finding out about Heroes through the different periods of history and especially Greek heroes. Will they     succeed at the Greek Hero day?


year 4


In Year 4, your child will go on a magical tour to find out about chocolate around the world. Where does it come from? What do different cultures think of it? The children will travel to different countries and cultures on a wonderful journey around our magnificent globe!

Into the Dragons Den! Could you survive as a Viking? Year 4 will be finding out all about the Vikings and their unique qualities. What it would have been like to live like a Viking, their traditions and much, much more!

Steaming Ahead! What was life like during the age of steam? What would the life of a 9 year old be like in 1900? Your child will have the opportunity to experience life as a Victorian, take a trip on a Steam train and visit Saltaire!

year 5


In Year 5  your child will Reach for the Stars! Year 5 will be finding out all about the Ancient Egyptians and the solar system! What will they find in the secret tombs?

In the Spring Term your child will go on a Jungle Adventure! What wonderful creatures will you uncover in the tropical rainforests? Year 5 will find out all about the magnificent forests and the devastation of their destruction!

Finally, in Whodunit? Your child will become a scientific detective to solve a series of mysteries! Do they have what it takes to find the culprit for the crime?

year 6

If you would like to know more about our curriculum, please speak to Mr. Birkett or Mrs Walker, who would be happy to answer your questions.


In Year 6,  your child will find out all about the Impossible Missions the   Roman soldiers went on to create such a vast empire! They will also find out whether they have what it takes to become a real life spy!  I have a dream. Year 6 will be finding out about black history and what   people had to go through in the past to ensure equality! They will visit the magistrate courts and find out about the justice system. New Horizons! Year 6 are preparing for New Horizons! They will be discovering new lands with Captain Cook and find out about the great explorers!


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